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Avi Maderer - Success CoachAvi Maderer, CLC, CMM Brings Emotional Intelligence to Business. He works with the challenges business and private people face around procrastination, motivation, time, and taking action so that they can achieve their goals in a realistic and timely fashion and still lead a healthy and balanced life. By empowering business people to uncover their own unlimited powers and potential, he helps them reach their goals.

Avi works with a wide range of individuals and organizations to make the changes they long for and enable them to accelerate towards their vision, and focus on what really matters.

Currently deeply involved in the Venture Capital and Startup world, Avi brings with him the emotional and technical insights of success from initial concept to true completion. Additionally, he brings decades of leadership, management, quality assurance, process improvement and marketing experience from across a wide range of industries including High Tech, Interior Office Design and Space Planning, Marketing, Materials Handling and Youth Leadership Summer Camps. He has also spent many years as a volunteer high-school and college basketball and volleyball coach.

In Avi’s Words:
I love working with entrepreneurs, and small business owners to empower them to lead and grow their businesses through their profound challenges and the things they feel are messes – procrastination, limiting fears, poor boundaries, unproductive meetings and sometimes unrelenting stress and a lot more.

It’s amazing how much more people can get done and how satisfying it can be when they address the underlying emotional issues that are at the root of all we do as human beings and human doers. Our emotional intelligence and how we apply it is the key to success in all aspects of our lives, at home, at work, and in all our relationships, both professionally and socially, as well as of course, at home.

The key is to build up the character strengths and the courage to face what is within, and leverage them to succeed.

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If you are seriously considering working with a coach, please feel free to contact me. I would love to talk with you, get a feel for what you want to achieve through coaching, give you a feel for how it works, and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if there is value for you in coaching.

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