Are you a Procrastinator?

Are you a procrastinator?

Do you put off doing things that would bring you closer to your desired goals?
Do you find yourself stressed out on a regular basis?
Do daily responsibilities overwhelm you?

In the midst of all the important things we know we need to do, we somehow convince ourselves that none of these things need to be done sooner than later. In other words, we decide that some short term easier task or relaxation done at the moment is more important than what really should be done now.

So we do an easier task, take another break, check Facebook, watch another TV show or the news, and for a little while, all is well.

But then “all of a sudden” the inevitable happens. The deadline has arrived. It’s panic time!

8 common causes for procrastination.

1. Fear of the outcome

We are afraid we will fail or, we may actually succeed!

Fear of failure is the obvious one. No one wants to fail. Our fear of rejection or simply our fear of looking like a fool stops us from moving forward.

Sometimes however we are afraid we will succeed! In that case, we would have to deal with new expectations of ourselves and from others. The change that follows success can be scary. Can we maintain the success?!

2. Helplessness in the face of complexity

We feel overwhelmed. The task at hand seems too large and we feel intensely under-resourced.  We feel as if we have bitten off more than we can chew, as if we do not have the skills to get the job done. Or it may be something we fell short on in past.  Either way, the task seems far too complex, larger than life, so we try to avoid it.

3. Rebellion and laziness

We feel imposed upon.  We resent the task in front of us.  “I have to do this,” we think to ourselves.  “But I don’t want to” or “I don’t have to do it now.”

Rebellion is about control.  We assert our control by choosing when (or whether) to do the task.

4. Lack of motivation

We just can’t find a good reason to move forward on a task. We push off the things we don’t like doing, taxes, mowing the lawn, making that phone call we have been putting off, you get the point.

5. Lack of Focus

Distractions are everywhere. We us the Internet and cell phone all day. We have hard-wired our brains to get real-time updates all day, every day.  We check e-mail and voicemail, Facebook and text messages, stock quotes and friend requests. Add to that the endless advertising messages that we are bombarded with at every turn too.

Then, when the important “distractions” come our way, a child or spouse/partner needs our attention, and the like, and we start to see these as “distractions” as well, rather than priorities. Keeping focus is a constant challenge.

6. Fatigue

Fatigue affects most people as well. There is so much to do, who has time for exercise, proper nutrition and sleep!

When we are over-tired, from lack of sleep or life’s hyper-pace, we can easily just be too tired to dedicate ourselves to the higher priority tasks at hand. We lose focus when we need it most.

7. Not knowing where or how to start

The task just hangs in front of you like a big block, like a building with no doors.  You need to get inside but don’t see any doors or windows!. You walk around and you just don’t see a way in.  How do you get in?  Where do you begin?  You can’t figure it out, so you set the task aside.

8. Perfectionism

You have great ideas!. And great excuse! You put off implementing ideas by using the excuse that you are not yet prepared to do your ideas justice. Some part of you thinks you willl end up wasting the idea by implementing it poorly at your current skill level.

Ready to stop procrastinating and start getting things done?

If you are serious about finally overcoming procrastination, if the time has come to start living with not only less stress, but more joy, then it’s time to take the first step and see for yourself how Avi can quickly and efficiently get you on the road to gratifying productivity.

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Request a free ½ hour coaching session today!

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