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Take Action

Take Action
Take Action

Execution. You’ve visualized, found belief deep inside, planned, researched, and maybe even pray. Nothing, as we know, will happen until we take action. And yet sometimes we just don’t do it. We go on we spend more time planning, crunching the numbers, and allowing, sometimes at least, that little voice inside to delay our plans. Fear sets in and for some reason we just don’t move ahead.

In the words of Dr. Jerry Schwartz “action cures fear”. Action is what must take place in order to succeed. And all it takes is just that one step. Recall the well-known metaphor of traveling from New York to Los Angeles at night. You know you have a 5000 mile trip to take. But taking it at night you can only see 100 m at a time. And yet you’re on the path, you know you will reach your destination, step-by-step, inch by inch. And all it takes are those small, incremental, little steps. Those little bits of action. And once you take action you not only move forward, but you gain tremendous confidence in your path, in your direction.

I know someone who wants put on their resume they spent 2 to 4 hours every day in “continuing education”. This person was very well read, thought of as very intelligent even. But he never got anything done. He knew all the theory, all the methodologies, all the reasons why it can be done.

But without putting that knowledge into action there was in essence no real use to that knowledge. So yes, you got a crunch the numbers, you got a plan. But don’t forget action is what counts. Will actually let me correct myself, results is what counts. But you can only achieve results by taking action.

Believe It’s Possible

It's Possible!
It’s Possible!

No one, and I mean no one is so much smarter than you that you cannot achieve the same of levels of success in any area(s) of life that you choose, if not more. Yes, there is a full spectrum of people with vast amounts of knowledge. And perhaps there is some “genetics” to being smart, or skilled in certain areas, but all human beings are capable of achieving pretty much the same levels of knowledge, intelligence, and skills.

Certainly we are all born into circumstances that are more conducive or less conducive to acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the success we envision. BUT, and that is a BIG BUT, everyone can, should they choose to, be successful.

And so, the first thing you must do is believe. Believe that your dreams can be achieved. Believe its possible, even if its never been done before, not only by you but by anyone else on the planet either. Once you believe that your dreams, your visions, your “success” can become reality in this world then it surely can happen.

We have been blessed with the gift of imagination. And if the imagination can piece it together, so too can reality. So too can your own reality.

After your dream becomes “real” within the realm of the imagination, the next stage is to develop, to “evolve” those images to include the real world. Take it step-by-step. Look at final picture, imagine yourself giving a speech building that home, living in the home, having a wonderful relationship, and then take several steps back within your imagination and simply put together the very achievable, but very reachable and tangible steps you “actually” go through in order to reach your destination. Your dream!

Steps in the belief process:

Believe in the imagination – trust that we as human beings have been given the gift of being able to paint our own picture.

Believe in your capability – along with the gift of imagination comes the gift of our ability to bring about in the real world, all that we can imagine.

Believe in your ability to take the next step towards the dream – in order to solidify your belief in being able to reach any goal you set for yourself, very simply look at the next step needed to move in the direction of attaining that dream. Simply believe, without even taking any step at all, that you were able to take the next step.

Believe in your ability to reach completion of each small step – then, in order to perhaps overcome any fears that he might have, to complete that next step.

Since this section is about belief, about feeling, I will not mention the next obvious step which is to take action.

As each step/stage is successfully completed, not only will your self confidence begin to skyrocket, but your vision will become more and more believable. You will also find that it becomes easier and easier to believe in yourself, the most important person you may want or need to prove anything to.

Even G-D Took a First Physical Action

Let There Be Light
Let There Be Light

I had an interesting discussion with my son this morning. We were talking about how even once someone sets a goal for themselves they still need to take action. And sometimes the first physical action that is taken is not only the most important, but also the most difficult. I started to think of examples I could give him in this to demonstrate. And thankfully I believe there is one that is no better than this.

G-d, in creating the world in essence gave us the model. He took a first “physical” action. As is described to us in the book of Breishit (Genesis), G-d, though not described as such, thought about creating a world. And His first “physical” action was that of saying what was about to be created during each of the six days. For example, “Let there be light”. Since we believe that God has no actual physical attributes, that “action” is in essence God’s “physical” action.

And that is the model for us all. In order to bring to reality the things that we think about, the things that we envision, we must take that first physical action towards achieving each of our goals. And then we can continue taking those small steps which we all know will end up becoming the fruition and achievement of our goals.

Fear of the Start

How is it that we have tried so many times to start that new killer business and yet we fall back, we shy away. Could it be that we that it just wasn’t a good idea after all? Perhaps it was but we don’t have the “resources”, (money, time, patience, commitment, drive, whatever) to actually do it. Or in Nike speak, to “Just Do It!”.

I think though that main reason is fear. It could be the fear of failure, the fear of success perhaps. I think it goes deeper than that though. The “fear” is only a manifestation of underlying issues like the responsibility to family (i.e the feed the wife (husband) and kids). The lack perhaps of self discipline. Maybe even, what will my parents say!

When it comes down to it, as we all know, nothing is easy, and no new venture is guaranteed. The thing we must always keep in mind is that many many factors go into succeeding in life, whether it is in business, relationships, what have you. One of those things is overcoming fear. The beginning of that battle is understanding where that fear comes from. The next step is of course addressing that fear. The subject of our next post.