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How to Get Your Family to Help You Lose Weight

Losing familyweight is difficult and requires quite a bit of discipline. For this reason, most weight loss experts and program creators recommend that you have a solid support system in place. It makes sense that those who are closest to you should be your weight loss “cheerleaders”. However, it is often difficult to enlist the support of your family and friends on your weight loss journey. Though they may have good intentions, they may be unwittingly sabotaging your efforts. Here are a few tips for enlisting the help of your family with your weight loss goals:

Tell Them You Need Their Help – This is the most obvious way to get your family involved in your weight loss efforts. Call everyone together and sit down to discuss your goals. If there are others in the family who might benefit from losing a few pounds, try to get them to join you. Resolve together to follow healthier eating habits as a whole. At the very least, make sure they understand how important your weight loss goals are to you.

Be Assertive and Consistent about Your Goals – It is easy for your family to dismiss your weight loss goals if you are not assertive about them. If your family senses that you are less than serious about losing weight, then they are not going to be serious about your weight loss goals either. Be firm about where you stand and develop consistent healthy eating and exercise habits.

Set Aside Space in the Cupboards and Refrigerator for “Safe” Foods – Ideally, you will convince your family to join you on your quest in developing healthier eating habits. However, that does not mean you will also totally convince them to give up their own snacks. For this reason, you need an area of your own for “safe” foods. These are healthy foods and snacks that you can grab when the urge hits without worrying about the damage they will inflict on your weight loss efforts. Make sure that your family understands that these are your special areas.

Make Them Your Cheering Squad – Honestly, once the shiny gleam wears off, the middle of the weight loss journey can be frustrating, especially when it seems that you are not losing much weight. It helps to have someone supportive on your side. Let you family know that sometimes you will need their help when you are feeling a bit weak. It helps to have someone who makes you accountable. Enlist the help of your family for encouragement and accountability.

Let Your Family Know That You Appreciate Their Help – People are more willing to help you when they know that they are appreciated. Be sure to let your family know that you really appreciate their support and help.