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Win-Win or Win-Lose

Had a converstion with someone recently. He was convinced that a certain service provider was obligated to provide a higher level service for no extra fee. Why? Because the service was not working properly. Problem, this individual was basically in breach of contract by virtue of not using the service properly. ( I am obviously leaving all names and company references anonymous so as not to offend anyone…)

THE QUESTION becomes one of world view. Is the world, or more specifically, the people I do business with serve me, or do I serve them?

THE ANSWER of course is both. If my supplier does not serve me well, my business day, my business success, becomes that much more dificult. But if I treat my supplier with less resepct for his bottom line, in the end I will lose. I will lose in better service, in better relations with suppliers when I really need them, and at the end of the day, in a better and happier life for all.

Yes, I need to watch my bottom line. I need though to keep in mind that everyone needs to do that if there is to be an economy at all.

Life After Customer Service


It seems that there ahs been talk about, and even action upon, providing customer service. It is seen as the basis for success for any business. Truth be told, that is very true. The questions becomes however, what can we in business do to stay ahead of the competition if EVERYONE is providing that great customer service?

THE ANSWER I believe lies is integrity. By being true to ourselves, our businesses, our families, and ultimately, our customers, we can shine. We will come through in the “relationship” economy as the ones that EVERYONE will want to deal with.

So, you may ask, what if everyone does that as well? Well, what can I say, the world will become a much better place. Until then though, let’s strive to get there.