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Fear of the Start

How is it that we have tried so many times to start that new killer business and yet we fall back, we shy away. Could it be that we that it just wasn’t a good idea after all? Perhaps it was but we don’t have the “resources”, (money, time, patience, commitment, drive, whatever) to actually do it. Or in Nike speak, to “Just Do It!”.

I think though that main reason is fear. It could be the fear of failure, the fear of success perhaps. I think it goes deeper than that though. The “fear” is only a manifestation of underlying issues like the responsibility to family (i.e the feed the wife (husband) and kids). The lack perhaps of self discipline. Maybe even, what will my parents say!

When it comes down to it, as we all know, nothing is easy, and no new venture is guaranteed. The thing we must always keep in mind is that many many factors go into succeeding in life, whether it is in business, relationships, what have you. One of those things is overcoming fear. The beginning of that battle is understanding where that fear comes from. The next step is of course addressing that fear. The subject of our next post.