The Motivators – Disgust (Part 2 of 7)

Endless Motivation
Endless Motivation

Being motivated is key to reaching your goals. It’s very easy, well sometimes easy, to start on the path towards your goals but without motivation it is doubtful you will reach your goals. Here is the first of seven ways to become and stay motivated on your path to success.

Disgust. The highest motivation, which I myself experienced, happened to me on my own “day of disgust”. I remember it clearly. We had moved apartments three times within a period of 14 months. And believe me it was not because we were looking for better scenery or nicer a layout. Yes we had been moving from eviction to eviction. Finally the then current landlord was angry enough, and my own personality and maturity evolved enough, to finally allow me to become absolutely disgusted with myself. And I said NO MORE.

Jim Rhon talks about the specific point in time that many if not all reach and is the turnaround point in their lives. The point of disgust! And so the first motivator, and I wonder if it would be appropriate to call it a prime motivator, is the point of disgust. Mr. Rohn’s point of disgust occurred in his famous girl guides cookie story where he was 20 years old and, since he had no money on him, and none in the bank, he told the 8 year old girl guide cookie seller at his door that he had several boxes in the closet and therefore did not need any new boxes right now. He realized that he was no longer willing to lie to eight-year-olds. He was disgusted with himself. He was motivated!

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