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Receive the benefits of One-on-One Coaching with the added value of community! Group coaching expands and broadens the possibilities for growth and effective change because you learn from each other as well as from your Coach. Group coaching can accelerate the process of positive change with the added energy, compassion, intimacy, support, and wisdom of like-minded people with similar issues, and common goals.

Benefits of Group Coaching
– Significantly enhance your ability to succeed on your weight loss journey
– Connect with a weight loss buddy to create accountability during weight loss
– Receive personal Coaching and intuitive guidance
– Learn new listening, coaching skills and ways you can offer compassionate feedback to others
– Establish a larger community that supports you in creating a life you love
– Receive added value learning from other’s wins and challenges
– Boost your ability to see and sense inner wisdom in yourself and others
– Improve and fine tune your own intuitive knowingness
– Save money with group package prices

The Group Coaching Format:
The Group Coaching format is a series of 8 in-person group sessions which includes a combination of actual instruction as well as interactive coaching and intuitive guidance. It is an opportunity to learn new ideas, concepts, and skills as well as get powerful coaching and feedback about your own process.

Groups of 4 to 6 participants meet for 75 minutes, four times a month for 2 months with options for continuing, thereafter. Between the sessions, groups are encouraged to share with each other, and support one another which add the value of community to the process.

How Groups Are Formed:
Groups can be formed by inviting others to participate with you or from Avi’s client list of people requesting a group process who are on the group coaching waiting list or who have been referred by physicians, practitioners, or other organizations.

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