Stay Focused

10 More Ways to Focus on One Thing at a Time

Focusing on one task at a time can help you get more things done, compared to multitasking that can divide your attention and in the end you will be doing less than what you are supposed or expected to produce.

Here are 10 more ways to stay focused:

  1. Accomplish small tasks first. This will give you enough time to do the rest of your tasks without worrying about the minor ones that could disrupt your normal work routine or pattern.
  2. Never ever start a new project for your business, unless you are completely sure that the previous one is done. Remember that you should also not think about the remainder of your tasks or taking additional workload that can affect your concentration and productivity.
  3. Flexibility is key. Do not force yourself to complete one task if you know that you do not have enough resources to do so. Doing a task haphazardly results to poor quality of work. What you need to do is to try doing as much as you can, and leave the remainder of work for tomorrow, until everything gets done.
  4. Stop procrastinating and start working! If you stop making excuses why you were not able to finish your tasks on time, it means that you have the wrong attitude towards work. Instead of making excuses and blaming others, why not focus and start working on one task at a time.
  5. Learn to delegate other tasks. While it is important to be efficient, it is also important that show effective management and work focus through assigning or delegating tasks to other members of your team. Note that handling everything on your will ensure that you won’t get anything done. Now, if you learn how to properly delegate work, you will see that each employee or person will learn how to focus on one thing and be productive at the same time, including you.
  6. Beat laziness. If you are lazy, even if you are doing just one task – to market your business online, you will never get anything done. Stop being a sloth and move quickly but accurately.
  7. Keep yourself from feeling rushed or always in a hurry. If all you can think about is break time, as well as the end of your work day – you will not be able to concentrate on your task. Do not rush, take your time and find a comfortable work pace.
  8. Avoid information overload. If you keep stuffing your brain with too much information that you may not be able to make use of, the chances of confusion and distraction is extremely high. Deal with data or information the same way when you eat at a new restaurant. Trying each dish one at a time to completely savor or taste every flavor for better appreciation.
  9. Do not force things to happen. Face it, if the only thing that you can think of is to get the job done the soonest time possible, you are forcing a result out of your chosen task. Let things fall in to place by focusing on one aspect of your campaign at a time – completion of your task is just within reach.
  10. Be one with your work – this means that both your mind and your body should be really into the project that you need to complete. If you are not grounded, your attention will be divided, your mind and body will not work together.

Finding your focus is never easy, that is if you do not have the right attitude and mindset. However, if you put your mind to it, you will be able to completely focus on the important things first before jumping on to the next one.

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