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Work From Home

Working from home is the new reality. Companies like Fujitsu and Twitter have already made plans to make remote work a permanent option, even after the Covid pandemic.

The question of course is, how productive are we, really, when we work from home?

You might be sociable, dedicated, driven, intelligent, creative and so on, but if you are not productive, you will not get very far.

No doubt about it, setting your own hours and wearing sweats (or pajamas…) are big perks of the Work-From-Home life. It’s still hard though to stay focused when you’re at the kitchen table or on a couch, and not in an office.


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Companies vary on what path they will take regarding “Work From Home” arrangements.

  • Many if not most agree that things will not be the same.
  • Some employees will work only from home.
  • Others will work from the office
  • Some will do a combination of both

For people working from home, productivity is important both for themselves as well as for the companies they work for.

Do you have what it takes to be productive when working from home?

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” ~ Margaret Bonnano

Work from home personal time

Make productivity your superpower!

Home workers want:

  • To be efficient
  • Not waste their own personal time keeping up
  • Not feel threatened with job security

And employers have the exact same concerns from the opposite end.

Employers want to:

  • Respect their employee’s personal time, and want them to have it.
  • Not allow the stress of low productivity affect their employees
  • Not enable lower moral caused by stress
  • and of course, see high productivity from each team member.

Take this free short Work From Home Productivity quiz and find out just where you stand.

As a bonus!
Receive a free
Work From Home Productivity eBook
after taking the quiz.

WFH New Reality

“WFH”, or Work from Home!

It’s part of the new reality. Everyone seems to be talking about it, or already doing it.

It’s not just about laptops and video conferencing. What about productivity? Performance? Creativity?

The research suggests that working from home can actually make you better at some tasks, but… worse at others.

As a bonus!
Receive a free
Work From Home Productivity eBook
after taking the quiz.