Here are 10 More Great Ways to Focus on One Thing at a Time

  1. Treat a task as an opportunity to excel and not as a burden. If you keep complaining about your work, you will not be able to focus, and eventually you will give up and the rest of the work for others to finish.
  2. Meditate! This helps you concentrate on things more and develop a calmer approach when it comes to dealing with a difficult task. This will improve your concentration “muscles” and will replenish your mind with the right attitude and drive to work harder.
  3. Breathe before your start your work. Breathe calmly and properly – this will encourage your mind to relax and take things one stride at a time. If you come to think of it, breathing becomes forceful, shallow and fast if you feel rushed and if you lack concentration.
  4. Create a normal and steady flow of things. This means that you need to plan and follow your plans by the book. This will keep you from stirring away from what you need to do, thus making your work effectively and efficiently.
  5. Get plenty of sleep. If your body is well rested, so will your mind be. A well rested mind and body leads to a better attitude towards work. Lack of sleep can make you impatient and in a hurry to finish things which will lead to poor quality of work.
  6. Learn how to wait. Take your time and understand that not all things can be done in a snap. Results can or may take time to reflect, so you have to make sure that you wait it out as patiently as possible. Anticipating results is can also keep you from concentrating on what you really have to do.
  7. De-clutter your surroundings. It is not just your mind that you need to organize. You also need a more organized work place – imagine trying to get things done but you keep getting held back by the clutter in your office. A clean work area can help you focus on your work more.
  8. Find a buddy who can help you get back into focus every time you get distracted. Distractions are unavoidable at times, and it would be best to have someone to keep you in synch with your goals. Find a member of your team that you can really trust.
  9. Read your emails before you start your work. If you do this right in the middle of your work, you will obviously get distracted. The lack of focus will deter you from completing even a single task.
  10. Do not be scared to handle one task. Do you know the reason why people handle too many things at the same time? Aside from the fact that multi tasking can help show how productive a person is, it’s also because some people are scared of failing altogether. But you know, if you handle and focus on just one task, it will help you do your best and your undivided attention can almost guarantee that your chances of succeeding will be extremely high.

Finding your focus is never easy, that is if you do not have the right attitude and mindset. However, if you put your mind to it, you will be able to completely focus on the important things first before jumping on to the next one.

Stay Focused

10 More Ways to Focus on One Thing at a Time

Focusing on one task at a time can help you get more things done, compared to multitasking that can divide your attention and in the end you will be doing less than what you are supposed or expected to produce.

Here are 10 more ways to stay focused:

  1. Accomplish small tasks first. This will give you enough time to do the rest of your tasks without worrying about the minor ones that could disrupt your normal work routine or pattern.
  2. Never ever start a new project for your business, unless you are completely sure that the previous one is done. Remember that you should also not think about the remainder of your tasks or taking additional workload that can affect your concentration and productivity.
  3. Flexibility is key. Do not force yourself to complete one task if you know that you do not have enough resources to do so. Doing a task haphazardly results to poor quality of work. What you need to do is to try doing as much as you can, and leave the remainder of work for tomorrow, until everything gets done.
  4. Stop procrastinating and start working! If you stop making excuses why you were not able to finish your tasks on time, it means that you have the wrong attitude towards work. Instead of making excuses and blaming others, why not focus and start working on one task at a time.
  5. Learn to delegate other tasks. While it is important to be efficient, it is also important that show effective management and work focus through assigning or delegating tasks to other members of your team. Note that handling everything on your will ensure that you won’t get anything done. Now, if you learn how to properly delegate work, you will see that each employee or person will learn how to focus on one thing and be productive at the same time, including you.
  6. Beat laziness. If you are lazy, even if you are doing just one task – to market your business online, you will never get anything done. Stop being a sloth and move quickly but accurately.
  7. Keep yourself from feeling rushed or always in a hurry. If all you can think about is break time, as well as the end of your work day – you will not be able to concentrate on your task. Do not rush, take your time and find a comfortable work pace.
  8. Avoid information overload. If you keep stuffing your brain with too much information that you may not be able to make use of, the chances of confusion and distraction is extremely high. Deal with data or information the same way when you eat at a new restaurant. Trying each dish one at a time to completely savor or taste every flavor for better appreciation.
  9. Do not force things to happen. Face it, if the only thing that you can think of is to get the job done the soonest time possible, you are forcing a result out of your chosen task. Let things fall in to place by focusing on one aspect of your campaign at a time – completion of your task is just within reach.
  10. Be one with your work – this means that both your mind and your body should be really into the project that you need to complete. If you are not grounded, your attention will be divided, your mind and body will not work together.

Finding your focus is never easy, that is if you do not have the right attitude and mindset. However, if you put your mind to it, you will be able to completely focus on the important things first before jumping on to the next one.


10 Great Ways to Focus on One Thing at a Time

Focusing on one task at a time can help you get more things done, compared to multitasking that can divide your attention and in the end you will be doing less than what you are supposed or expected to produce.
Now, if you want to be more productive, there are at least 30 ways to practice single tasking – that is focusing on one task at a time.

  1. Concentrate and turn off everything that can distract you from completing your task. This includes your mobile phones, contact with people as well as locking your doors until you get your project done.
  2. Give yourself a target and a time frame – this will ensure that you are in synch with your schedule. If you are on the right track, you will notice that work gets finished easily and on time.
  3. Stop dilly-dallying and work! More often than not, interruption or lack of concentration doesn’t come from external factors. These distractions come from you. Convince yourself that it is a must that you complete your task and that you should avoid doing or getting into something that can keep you from single tasking.
  4. Post-its are great reminders. If you have a bunch of sticky notes lying around your office, try writing some motivating quotes to keep you focused on one task before moving on to the next. Especially if you are working in front of your computer, stick those notes on your monitor to keep you motivated.
  5. Since multi tasking doesn’t leave you room to relax, single tasking can give you enough opportunity to stop for breaks. So to take advantage of this privilege, take 10 minute breaks once in a while to refresh your mind and relax your body.
  6. Create a vision – of what you would want to accomplish at the end of each task. If you want to succeed in your online marketing business, envision that all your hard work has paid off and that you have gained more online followers and loyal customers and the results will not be far off from what you have planned to achieve.
  7. Prepare yourself emotionally. Psych yourself and focus on the task at hand. Just think about the positive results that working on single task can do for your business and your online marketing campaign.
  8. Use technology and make it work to your advantage. Since you are in the online marketing business, make use of your tech-skills and come up with a single campaign to promote your business, products and services online.
  9. Block out your schedule. Take note of what your project needs and how long it should take you to complete it. Set definite schedules for each part of your task and surely you will find it easier to accomplish.
  10. Start fresh every day. And because you are single tasking – which means that you are focusing and doing one task at a time, you will have more room to take breaks and start fresh come every work day. Since you do not feel tired, you be refreshed and ready to face a new day.

Finding your focus is never easy, that is if you do not have the right attitude and mindset. However, if you put your mind to it, you will be able to completely focus on the important things first before jumping on to the next one.


The Importance of Developing Mental Clarity

Sometimes new ideas or opportunities can come at you in warp speed. That’s because we live life in the fast lane and that’s not likely to change. But it does mean that you have to be ready to grab the chances that come your way.

Life is not a yes or no experience. It’s more multiple choice. You won’t be presented with simply one choice or one route to take in life. Instead, you’ll get hundreds of choices that come your way every day of your life.

These choices that you make will decide whether you experience success or suffer through a setback. Sometimes we make choices based on what we’re focusing all of our mental energy on.

We can become so focused on accomplishing something a certain way or before a certain time that we close our mind off to any other options. This means a different opportunity – a better one – can get overlooked.

You should always take the time to develop mental clarity about every move that you make in life. Don’t allow yourself to be led by your emotions and don’t make snap decisions.

If you’re presented with an opportunity that requires immediate action, you’ll want to be careful that if you take this action, it keeps you on the track you want to be on.

Some opportunities really are a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and if you travel toward them, you’ll get success. But others only have an empty journey that takes us farther away from what we intended on doing.

Check every idea and every opportunity to be sure that it lines up with your plan – that you don’t have to lower your morals or change who you are to grasp the chance.

It’s better to remain true to who you are and the vision that you have for your life than to be misled by too good to be true opportunities that can affect what you really want.

This is why it’s important to have goals. Goals can help give you clarity when things become less clear to you. You can check every opportunity that arises against your goals.

Every opportunity that you take should bring you closer to your overall end result. If it doesn’t, then it could be a wasted experience. Having mental clarity can help you get in touch with your inner self and quiet the clamor that comes with a busy life.

It can let you see whether or not you’re engaging in peak performance in how you’re managing all areas of your life. Clarity comes from being mindful. Practice making thoughtful decisions and get in the habit of living life from a clear perspective.

Time Management

Just What Is Time Management?

Forget all the complicated and sometimes confusing definitions you’ve heard in the past. Time management is actually very simple. It is the way you choose to spend your time.

Whether you realize it or not, you already do engage the process of time management. You simply can’t help it. If you are living and breathing, and make any move to do anything, you are applying a process in time management. In short, you are choosing what to do with your time.

What this means is that there is good time management and bad time management. When you choose to engage in productive or good time management, you are organizing the tasks or actions you want to accomplish into a logical and cohesive progression that will allow you to complete each and every task within an equitable time frame. At its best, this type of time management does not create stress or drive up your blood pressure. Instead, it actually makes the day run smoother, and empowers you a little more each time you can strike one action item off your list.

Good time management is a proactive process. You define what must be done within a given period of time, prioritize those action items and then develop a plan of action that will make it possible to successfully accomplish each one within the time allotted. With your plan laid out, you then take the initiative to start at the beginning and keep going until everything on your list is done.

By contrast, bad time management does not make the day pleasant at all. You are much more likely to feel constantly stressed out, as action items appear as if from nowhere. People are constantly demanding to know what a report was not completed or why there is no food in the cupboard.

Bad time management leaves you feeling powerless to do anything to improve the situation. The hopeless feeling continues to grow until you more or less shut down, deciding that those action items weren’t that important anyway. You put yourself into a state where you basically move through the day, never quite getting a handle on what is going on and only accomplishing something when pressured by outside forces to do so. At the end of the day, there are still many action items left to accomplish, leaving you a general feeling of having failed.

If you are still reading, then there is a good chance that you recognize a bit of yourself in both these scenarios. Most of us do tend to engage in both good and bad time management from time to time. The goal will be to rethink the way we apply time management principles so that we are exercising good time management more of the time and finding ourselves bogged down due to bad time management much less often.

Move forward

Not Moving forward? 10 reasons why!

1.You are focusing on the wrong things or tasks. Sometimes, the thought of success and doing a lot of things for your business can get you to miss on seeing the real picture such as what your business actually needs.

2.Your projects’ aims or goals are not clear. What does your business actually need? What do you want to see it do for your business? Set your goals straight.

3.You think about yourself and what multiple projects can do for you compared to what it can do for your business. Come on, everything is not about you, and although being able to accomplish a lot for your company can make you look good, it would still help if you plan for the good of everyone else.

4.You overload yourself with too much information that you fail to distinguish which ones are relevant to your company. Pick out and use only the pertinent information, otherwise you will end up confused and unable to complete your tasks with accuracy.

5.Distractions can get the best of you. This means that having a lot of things on your mind can keep you from focusing on your goals. And take note, distractions are not just about other tasks that you have in mind, distractions also include friends, partying too hard and too often and those times that you spend lollygagging during office hours.

6.Disorganized and dysfunctional work system. Of course, this is pretty much understandable, considering that fact that having a disorganized system can greatly affect you and your company’s productivity.

7.You get affected by too much negativity from yourself and other people around you. Obviously, if you let yourself be taken over by all those negative comments such as: you are not good enough for the job, or that you are too much of a perfectionist that you can’t seem to focus on what you want and what you have to do. And if you procrastinate too much, this attitude will also pull you down. Besides, making up excuses for not being able to accomplish something is totally wrong.

8.Too much multitasking and very little single tasking can seriously affect your productivity. If you are taking in and doing too many things, you will find yourself being pulled away from your actual goals.

9.You are too afraid to fail, that’s why you think of several strategies to succeed. But in reality, instead of being led to one major achievement, you end up being a major collector of failed projects and tasks. Failure should not be taken negatively. Failure should be your fuel to propel you towards success.

10.Lack of strict rules and work ethics. The thing here is that, you should always have to have a strict set of rules to make sure that you and your team would be able to move according to your original plans.

Certainly, you can add more to this list. Just think about your old work practices that didn’t seem to work to your advantage. And now that you know what you have to avoid or what causes you and your work to stagnate, it’s up to you to work on things the right way.

Know what you want

Know What You Really Want

There are far too many people working hard to go after achievements in life that they really don’t even want. For some of these people, they’re following the advice of a family member or friend.

They’re allowing what someone else thinks is best to govern their lives. While everyone can benefit from guidance, it’s not beneficial if deep down, it’s not really what moves you.

Your core beliefs will propel you to carve out the life that you want. If, deep down, you’re telling yourself you’re never going to succeed, then you’ll make sure that comes true.

What would your life be like if there were no obstacles and you could have the life you dreamed of having – in the niche that made you extremely happy? This isn’t about winning the lottery and never working again – it’s about knowing what provides satisfaction in your world.

You can’t be excited about performance in any area of your life if it’s not something that you’re passionate about. Passion creates motivation. Motivation gets you going.

When you’re motivated about something, you can’t wait to approach it. The two work in tandem to make things happen. This is true for both your personal and professional life.

Motivation fuels the drive within you and causes you give everything you’ve got to a project. Knowing what you really want allows you to look for opportunities to do things that you enjoy.

It helps you learn to say no to even potentially good things if they’re not something that you’re passionate about. When you really want something, it’s easier to keep your motivation and your energy level up.

It’s easier to keep on going in the face of difficulties or setbacks. When you have a passion for something that stems from going after what you really want, you won’t stop until you find a way to achieve it.

When you care about something, it causes you to give your all – to do the best possible job that you can. It’s the opposite when you don’t care about something. You just want to get that task over with using as little energy and effort as possible.

Knowing what you really want makes it easier for your mind to come up with creative solutions and ideas to make your passions succeed. It unleashes a deeper problem-solving mentally.

Before you wake up going through the motions in your personal or professional life, decide what it is that you truly want and then you can focus your mental energy on making it happen.

Become very aware of every benefit regarding what it is you’re aiming for in life. Seeing those benefits mapped out can give you strength to plow through difficult times and reach the finish line.

Don’t just say what goals you have. List why you have those goals – how achieving them would better your life – what it would personally mean to you when it comes true.


Importance of Working on A Single Task

This is not about completely discouraging you to stop working on several things at once, if that’s what you feel and believe would keep you focused and closer to achieving your goals. This is about giving you another option if you want to keep yourself from burning out and drying out of ideas and concepts without even getting somewhere.

There are many reasons why working on a single task is important advantageous for an internet businessman like you.

  • You can actually focus on the most important aspect of your business. If you set your sights on one thing, distraction will and cannot be entertained. Another thing, some tasks cannot be done while doing other things, and it doesn’t matter how good you are at multitasking, if the task calls for your complete or undivided attention, pairing it with other stuff just won’t do.
  • You can ensure quality. Who doesn’t want to be proud of their work? And having too much on your plate can sacrifice the quality and effectivity of your project. Remember that the success of your online business is in your hands, so putting all your effort and attention to one task can definitely do wonders for you and your business.
  • You get to enjoy your work more. Have you ever experienced feeling too swamped with work and because you had so many things to do, you have completely forgotten what it’s like to enjoy and love the work that you are doing? Well, if you focus on doing one thing, you can, not only savor every bit of success that you gain out of your task, but also appreciate your work and your talents more.
  • Relaxation is just around the corner. Yes, you may achieve m any things out of multi-tasking, but at the end of the day you will feel really tired and burned out. You will also feel that with everything that you have to do; and that there is no end to all of this. Whilst when you work on one thing, every time you finish a task, you will feel rewarded and will have room for relaxation as well.

Working on one task at a time will help you weigh out and prioritize the important things. Compared to multitasking which treats everything important and urgent even if the tasks can be left in the other room and can wait another day.