The right time

Procrastination Kills

Ever find some things you start without ever thinking about it. Other things just get set aside and end up at the bottom of your “to do list”. How about I will get around to do it? Quit procrastination and start taking steps to end this dreadful disease.

Many people today suffer from procrastination. Stopping procrastination is not very hard actually. It is just hard in our minds. When making decisions on what is important to do and then getting it done fast. This will put you in the fast lane towards opportunities and success. There are two simple ways to put an end to procrastination. The first way to put an end to procrastination is to make a decision. Either do it or don’t do it. If you are going to do it put it in your planner right away and block a time to get it done. By making a decision, there is no reason to procrastinate. Most decisions take only a few minutes to decide on. When you ignore or walk away from the decisions, you will pay a consequence at the end, whether it will be good or bad.

The second way is to learn to recognize your behaviors. Some people avoid making decisions by watching T.V., going shopping, going to bars, all attempts to hind the decision that needs to be made at that time. I know this first hand because I have used shopping to walk away from decisions that need to be taken care of in the past. Ignoring issues will not make them go away. It takes self-discipline and self control to break this dreadful disease. However once you break through this barrier, your life will start to transform. Amazing things will start to happen in both your personal and business life. So recognize your behaviors, step up, and make a decision. Take action today.

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